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Lindsey Law, PLLC offers industry specific services in real estate, energy and natural resources. We engage with regulatory and administrative agencies at local, state and federal levels and offer counsel and advice regarding company wide and/or project/deal focused strategy; acquisition/divestment proposals; joint venture terms, conditions, duties, and partner relationships; surface use and right-of-way procurement; mineral interest and working interest calculations and tracking; federal and state agency relationships; and various other subjects.



  • Provide practical perspective on start-up concepts, finance/operation partners, geographic/localized marketing/transportation constraints and discuss/formulate potential remedies and upside, and near-term and long-term concept/project viability.

  • Collaborate with expert consultants to tackle challenges and provide clients with cross-functional and multi-disciplinary troubleshooting, solutions, and strategic planning.

  • Develop, draft, review and revise various contract documents utilized in real estate, energy and natural resources and counsel clients regarding the legal obligations and risks associated with them. Examples – deeds, title correction documents/affidavits, purchase and sale agreements, promissory notes, lease agreements, surface use agreements, rights-of-way agreements, non-compete agreements, professional services agreements, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, joint venture agreements, letters of intent/interest, memoranda of understanding, data trade agreements, fam-out agreements, etc.

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