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All too often, insurance carriers try to pay less than what their customers/policyholders are entitled to for property damage claims caused by natural disaster, catastrophe, fire, hail, wind, flood or other weather-related cause(s). Policyholders go into the claims process believing that their insurance carrier is looking out for them and has their best interests in mind, but this is often not the reality. Many policyholders rely on the advice and counsel of their insurance agents. Sometimes agents are motivated by their ongoing contractual relationships with the insurance carriers or agent rating metrics and therefore are not necessarily looking out for the policyholder’s best interests. Let me look out for your interests and put my experience and skills to work for you to make certain that your insurance claim is properly handled and paid by your insurance carrier. 

If you are a property owner and are experiencing trouble with your insurance company, or believe they are acting in bad faith, contact me today.



I offer free consultations to determine if proceeding with an insurance claim due to natural disaster, catastrophe, hail, wind, fire, flood or other weather-related cause(s) is prudent. We will review your insurance policy together to determine what your insurance coverage looks like and what your, and your insurance carrier’s, responsibilities are.


If we determine that there is damage covered by your insurance policy, I have found that my legal services are more effective if I am involved from the beginning.  I can walk you through the insurance claims filing process or even file a damage claim for you.  We consult the experts within our network of licensed adjusters, experienced contractors, and other experts to provide us vital information that we will need for your insurance claim.  As your attorney, I fight for the goal that you receive a fair and full settlement of your insurance claim to make you and your property whole again.


If you have already started the claims process, but have been faced with a full denial or partial denial (offer that is too low and does not make you whole for the damage(s) sustained), I can still help. Once I get involved I will conduct an investigation of your property damage claim and may recruit the assistance of various experts to prepare an estimate of repairs in the same format used by most insurance carriers. We can then move forward with seeking a settlement that you deserve and that will cover the repair of your property damages.

My network of licensed adjusters, experienced contractors, and experts will assist in various capacities to arm us with the information we need to hold your insurance carrier accountable and obtain a satisfactory damage settlement.  Likewise I have relationships with attorneys licensed in many jurisdictions that can assist as referrals and/or co-counsel.

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